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The AG Motors Design Team is a group of professionals specialising in areas such as 3D modelling, FEM analysis, structural and equipment design, applied arts and product graphic design. With advanced project management software and state-of-the-art IT assets, they are capable of providing the desired results within short timeframes.

Development of a frame concept

The beginning of the work related to the creation of each new bicycle concept is a sketch made by the main designer

Frame modelling

After receiving the sketch, the team of engineers verifies the possibility of creating a frame with shapes similar to those drawn by the team of designers. A 3D model of the frame is created, and it is presented to the whole team to discuss technical and aesthetic issues.

Selection of components

At the same time, the team of designers prepares different variants of the bike specifications, such as gears, shock absorbers, brakes, wheels and other equipment.

A one-to-one scale 3D printout

A printout of the frame makes it possible to physically check the components included in the specification in order to verify that there is no interference between the equipment and the frame

Design development

The team of designers receives both drawings, a 3D model and a finished printout of the frame, in order to visualise the design to be applied to the frame

3D scanning

A 3D scanner is a device that analyses an object or the real-world environment to collect data about its shape and sometimes its appearance (for example, its colour). The collected data can then be used to construct digital 3D models. This makes it possible to apply so-called reverse engineering, i.e. to get the dimensions of the existing element and reflect it in the drawing, and also to create a physically identical element


Robotised frame manufacturing based on automated lines is a technological innovation on a global scale. With this development, it becomes possible to produce a whole bicycle frame in a single, continuous welding process. Automation ensures the repeatability, high production rate and top quality of the final product.

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Wheel centricity

Test consisting of the testing of the rotational accuracy of a wheel and rim. Applicable for verification of horizontal and vertical inclination

Fatigue tests

These tests determine the stress amplitude below which the material cannot be destroyed by the assumed number of cycles.

Impact tests

Thanks to the possibility of assigning different heights and weights of falling objects to a given element, we can determine what impact this has on the tested component.

Pedal tester

The bike’s pedals are tested for strength at a certain number of cycles.

Climate chamber

Testing of all bicycle components at a preset temperature and humidity.

Whole bike test

Test of a bike equipped with all the necessary components for durability, imitating weather conditions with the possibility of using brakes.

Static wheel load tester

Wheel test with brake clamping force. Simulates riding on road and off-road terrain.

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